2013 Game Picks: Bioshock Infinite



After years fans of Bioshock were concerned that they would never see a third installment of the franchise.  The first Bioshock was an excellent, industry changing surprise.  The second was decent, added to the story a bit, but was basically the same game with some added content.  When the third game was finally announced people were surprised that the game didn’t take place in the beloved underwater Rapture, but in a new world floating in the sky with new characters and game mechanics.

All in all, Bioshock Infinite worked.  It was one of the most beautiful games on the system.  It pushed the console to its limits.  The gameplay wasn’t revolutionary but it didn’t matter, in the end it added to the Bioshock story in a surprising and interesting way.  As a trilogy Bioshock is an entirely worthwhile and satisfying experience.

Bioshock Infinite is available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PCs