2013 Game Picks: Super Mario 3D World – Wii U

I remember way back during the holiday of 2007 my family was sitting down playing Super Mario Galaxy on the newly released Wii.  (If you are playing the home game then one video game year equals ten human years) One of my family members remarked that playing made them feel like they were in Disney World.  I can’t think of a more apt description of playing a Mario franchise game.

Instead of glommingon new features to make a game seem new, Nintendo continues to iterate and perfect their games.  Super Mario 3D World is the opposite of cynical and gritty. It is full of polished plastics and adorable creatures.  If you enjoyed Super Mario in the eighties then there is no reason you wouldn’t have a blast playing it right now.

With all the dystopian universes and shambling zombies in video gaming it is a joy to have a bit of an oasis.  If you own or will own a Wii U this should absolutely be on your list.

* Yes, glomming is a real word.