3D Printing – Q: Is $299 The Right Price Point? A: YES


We have talked about 3D printing before, so I won’t go into great detail about how important I think home manufacturing is.  In short: I think it is REALLY important.  Like any other new technology it is important not to be over optimistic about it.  3D printing is just another tool, it can be used for good or for ill but I guarantee that it will leave a mark on humanity over the next decade and I am excited to see what people will do.

Kickstarter upstart Printrbot released their Printrbot Simple the other day.  The Simple comes assembled or in a kit for $399 and $299 respectively.  You can also buy the guts for just $259 if you have access to a CNC machine to cut your own wooden parts.

$299 was an important price point for me as it represents an entry into the consumer market.  The Simple isn’t ready for everyone yet, but if you have gumption, moxie and some rudimentary assembly skills you can put it together on your own and create tiny plastic objects for fun or profit.  I broke down and ordered one the other day.  As we speak I am checking my email every five minutes for a shipping confirmation email.

The Simple is pretty simple.  You will have to do your own configuration and tweaking.  It has a small printing area, so don’t expect to print life size statues for your home, but it should be just enough to get started. If your need more printer you can actually start modifying your printer by printing out new parts on your printer.  You heard me, the printer makes its own babies.  MIND BLOWN.


I’ll let people know when the printer arrives and talk about my progress including some pictures.  As always feel free to discuss this and anything else over on Facebook.

Printrbot Simple Product Page: http://printrbot.com/product-category/simple-2/

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Printrbot and did not receive any promotional products for review.  I will however be completely passive aggressive and shameless about my desire for free products, but will be transparent about anything I receive.