A Spider Woman We Can Believe In


After the great controversy surrounding the Spider Woman: The Infinite Dimples of Venus (I made that title up) alternate cover we saw at the end of August it is pretty darn refreshing to see another female superhero done in a sane way, one that you wouldn’t be ashamed to have your daughter read.    I’m not going to cover the controversy here or even include the image, enough has been said at this point and if you are interested the information is easy enough to find.

If you have been reading here and on our Facebook Page you will know that I am an advocate for writing and drawing superhero women so that their entire character is not summed up by their sexuality.  Women and girls read comics in large numbers and will in even larger numbers when they can look at characters and identify with them in some way.  They should be able to share the same experience that men have had for decades, rich characters, written and drawn in an enjoyable style instead of the lazy stream of pinup girls that seem to dominate the medium.

I can’t speak to the writing of the comic above, but I can tell you that I very much like the character design.   Edge of the Spider Verse is an alternate reality tale starring all of the Spider incarnations we have seen from the multiverse, plus some new ones.  In this story Gwen Stacy is bitten by a radioactive spider instead of the traditional Peter Parker.  More info can be found here.