Academy Award Animated Short Nominees

The Oscars are over.   I finally got to sit down today and watch all of the contenders for the prize while I was at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston.  Previously I mentioned the eventual winner for Best Animated Short on Valentine’s Day, Paperman.  (I must be some kind of geek prophet) As a group the nominees were all outstanding.   I really appreciated that this year in general all of the shorts, including the ones that were honorable mention, were pretty optimistic about life.  Love conquers all, friendship is valued and simple things bring joy.  I expected one of them to end in some horrible gut wrenching tragedy, thankfully I was wrong.  Life has enough serious things going down, we deserve a break every once and a while and this years nominees gave me that satisfaction.

Adam and Dog

One of the most beautiful shorts I have seen in a long time.  One thing to note is that the association with the Biblical Adam is meant to be literal, I initially generlized it too much and missed the point.  True friendship is unconditional.

Fresh Guacamole

When I first saw the stills for this I thought it was going to be about the high human cost of mass food production.  Turns out I am WAY too cynical and this is just whimsy.  I’ll take whimsy over feeling bummed out any time.

Head Over Heels

This is about long term relationships and perspective.  Excuse me, I think I have something in my eye.

The Longest Daycare

Featuring characters from the Simpsons.  These guys have been at it for more than two decades, but still have stories to tell

and finally Paperman

All of the entries were amazing, but I am happy that Paperman won.  Probably the most straightforward and optimistic of the bunch.  I consider this to be a modern classic.  Love conquers all and fighting for your dreams is worth it.

Disney removed the original Youtube version, but it can be viewed on Hulu HERE.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.  Feel free to comment or ask questions below!

All Time List of Academy Award Nominees for Animated Shorts