Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Irresponsible Theory Roundup



The following theories should only be taken partially seriously and are bound to cause nerd rage that I am not responsible for.  Having these in the back of my head helps me enjoy a series more that has been moderately dull so far.  We do what we can because we must.

Skye is a descendant of Peggy Carter
I don’t really have any evidence for this but it feels like a nice fit, especially since they are hinting hard at Skye being more important than she seems.  Does she have any sort of powers from exposure to the Super Serum?  Unknown.  This  would make any interaction with the Avengers awkward and sets up a nice connection to the Peggy Carter TV series that is now in development.

Agent Coulson’s girlfriend is the Scarlet Witch
Once again this is starting to get a little thin.  Clark Gregg, the actor who portrays Coulson once mentioned that there was a Scarlet Witch connection to his girlfriend but he may have been mistaken about the cello reference or he is just messing with us.  It would dovetail nicely into the Avengers 2, but it is said that Coulson will not appear.

Agent Coulson is The Vision
I have been holding on to this theory for months. Nothing that has been revealed in the show so far has made me feel otherwise. If you are dead and brought back to life after several days how much of your body could you retain? Probably not much. I expect that most of Coulson is artificial even if it is organic.

The Clairvoyant is Ultron
In case you don’t already know Ultron has been announced as the big baddie for the Avengers 2.  Coulson keeps saying over and over how mental capabilities of this sort do not exist or have never been verified by SHIELD. (At least until Disney gets the mutant license back) One way around this would be to predict the future through the power of MATH, an ability I expect Ultron is pretty good at being made of gears and whirligigs.

The Skye and Ultron theories are all mine, the others I can’t take credit for.  You may enjoy them for what they are worth or scream at your LCD screen at the ludicrousness of it all.  Feel free to discuss.