Amazing Spiderman 2: Would Your Green Goblin be Better?

Dane DeHaan

We have been seeing shots of the Green Goblin in the background for a couple of months.   We knew something may be off, but the reveal was worse than any of my expectations.

Actor Dane DeHaan actually seems perfect for the role of Harry Osborn and the little bit we have seen of him is comforting.  Quietly unnerving and unassuming he seems a good fit.  Contrast that with the Halloween seasonal mall store variant of the Green Goblin above.  DeHaan seems like the right casting, but has the wrong look.  Closeups of the suit actually seem impressive, but oddly feature what looks like a clockwork exoskeleton, probably not necessary in a film like this.

I don’t like being negative, but Sony has allowed some really odd art direction choices of late including the Xtreme! sports version of Quicksilver we are about to see in X-Men: Days of Future Past.  I’m hoping there is enough backlash where Sony will learn how to trust the source material like Disney is now without being a slave to it.  Not many are huge fans of the design that was chosen for the Raimi films for the Goblin, but this is an odd and amateurish step backwards.  Maybe I am wrong and this is some kind of transitional point in the Goblin’s look, but until I get a hint otherwise I may be staying away from this incarnation at least until it hits Blu-Ray.

BONUS: Check out some of the original test footage of the Green Goblin from the Raimi films.  I think this was finally thought of as being too scary for the kiddies, but I think it is perfect.

Green Goblin Makeup Test