American Horror Story: House of the Rising Sun – Lauren O’Connell

I am an American Horror Story fan.  I think it is taking the most risks on television and its most effective horror writing happens when there are no supernatural elements and it is just dealing with people and their inhumanity.

When they release a new season trailer I jump on it.  In the previous link and the above video you will hear an absolutely chilling cover of House of the Rising Sun.  Sometimes you hear someone for the first time and you just know that they are a star.  If Lauren O’Connell doesn’t make gobs of money as an artist then there is no justice in art.

Before you complain about the lyrics, note that the original was sung from the perspective of a woman.  You can read the history here, and hear the earliest recorded version of the song here. It is an ambiguous song,  could be about a brothel or a workhouse.  The song could be sung from the perspective of a patron or someone who is working like a slave.  All that we know for sure is that the song is very old which makes it a perfect theme for American Horror Story.

Note: The second half of the video is info about Lauren and a pitch for her new CD.  I think after the job she did on the song she deserves a little shameless plugging.