Animal Crossing: Pulling Weeds is Fun!


Next week is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3.  Numerous games will be announced and as the norm there will be lots of gunplay and Michael Bay style explosions.  The day before the big E3 press conferences Nintendo will quietly and to the enthusiasm of many fans release Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS.

The graphics will be better than earlier incarnations and there will be some new gameplay mechanics, but it almost doesn’t matter.  Animal Crossing is a game about chatting with neighbors, decorating your house, pulling weeds, fishing, paying your mortgage and catching butterflies.  While that all sounds dreadfully boring I can tell you with great gusto that I will be running over to my local game retailer on Sun and purchasing this on day one.

People who are fans understand.  This is the video game equivalent of a lazy Sunday afternoon, and sometimes it is exactly what we need.