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During the day Jason Callina is a software engineer for mobile devices. In real life he is a husband, a father, a lifelong gamer, passionate about toys from the '80s and a believer in the value of play for personal enrichment and the enhancement of strategic thinking.

Feel some 90s X-Men nostalgia through the hard work of a dedicated fan. Blood, sweat and pixels.

Fallout 4 with more YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHS

This is the city. A dark desperate place that will chew you up and spit you out, this is Jessica's city.

One of the most important and least known Marvel characters

Jousts, costumes, villains and turkey legs

Hate watching Arrow, gushing on The Flash and hope for Legends of Tomorrow

We have a beautiful mashup of 80s cartoons set to the soul soaring sounds of Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero”.  There are a few really obscure things represented here, ...

Fassbender in costume and ready for filming

Bass is the path to the dark side

Star Wars: Rogue One cast photo revealed

The internet before the internet on glowing blue cathode ray

I only do eyes

That's no cowboy! That's a robot!

A young Immortan Joe, Takumi style

American networks mystified by the success of Transformers try their own version

Oodles of time, effort and foam make something beautiful

Shoot those flaming skulls like it is nineteen ninety-four

The LARP is more than foam swords in the woods. Carefully crafted stories, engagement and the joy of losing yourself in a role.

Faith's new adventure, sans guns, but she doesn't need them

Are cartoons better than they have ever been or is this some kind of dystopian dark age?