Avengers 2 Concept Poster with The Vision


Over the last few days Marvel has been releasing a large, painted Avengers 2 concept poster in pieces featuring all of the major characters. I talked a bit about the poster on Facebook yesterday, but missed a crucial detail in the upper left corner.   Check out tiny, distant vision from the back slightly obscured by the grimy dust of the Ultron scuffle.  For months I was hoping that we would see our beloved Agent Coulson become The Vision, but alas that was not to pass.  Paul Bettany who has been voicing Iron Man’s JARVIS landed the role (unsure if it is just a voiceover or if he did motion capture) which probably means that JARVIS has obtained some kind of sentience.

Agents of SHIELD casting disappointments aside I am excited to see that Marvel looks like they are keeping to the Vision’s original design.  We can’t see much detail here and they are probably still working on the effects, but it is fairly clear that their vision looks marvelously silver age.  Check out the detail below and let us know your opinion.