Batman Style Utility Keychain

Evidence that I am not a professional photographer

The other day I was in my car and needed to fix something.  I didn’t have pliers, screwdrivers and my attempts to jab pens and hairpins into the bolt MacGyver style were met with little success.

I immediately decided that I would never allow this situation to happen again and set out to create a personalized toolkit that I can carry around with me.   I may not be the Batman, but I can feel like him for short periods of time.  For fun I added a couple of items in the event I found myself in the wilderness without supplies or needed to tie an emergency Christmas tree to the roof of my car.  Most of these items can be found on Amazon or Ebay and I encourage you to shop around.

The Utility Keychain:

Keyring Upgrade


I hate standard keyrings.  I usually end up hurting myself when trying to open one.  These aircraft cable key rings are sturdy and come apart with thumbscrews.


For starting fires without matches.  This particular model includes a whistle inside of the striker.  Striker is made of steel and stick is made of magnesium.  Also fun at parties.

Swiss+Tech Micro Plus EX 


This guy is probably a little heavier than I would like but pliers are essential for nuts, bolts and gripping things.

Swiss+Tech Utili Key


There is some duplication here with the pliers, but having the tiny knife and serrated edge is handy.  It is a little tough to open and I am working on that, but it is super light and that is always a bonus.

Gerber  Shard


I love this little guy.  Strong, light and multi purpose.  We have a bottle opener, a screwdriver and a pry bar in a tiny package.  Word on the street is that this passes a TSA inspection as well, so….bonus?

Paracord Bracelet or Tassel & Clips


Paracord is fun stuff.  Cheap and easy to work with, the military graded material will hold about 550lbs.  There are about a billion tutorials on the web and Youtube on how to create them.  The particular knot  I used was called the King Cobra, a tutorial is above.  I made my paracord loop so that when unwound it ends up being about 20 feet long.  Too big for a bracelet, but enough length to be useful.  The plastic clips can easily be bought in bulk or you can secure it with a knot and loop at the end.

The problem/great thing about being an engineer is that I will always be trying to improve this key rig.  Make it lighter, remove any duplication, add useful tools, make it cheaper etc.  I’m sure many of my readers will already have suggestions that improve on what I have done.  Give us a shout in the comments or post something on Facebook and share it with us.