Being A Geek: Make Your Own Stuff


Part of the geek ethic is that there are always ways to things better, faster and cheaper.  Chances are if you see something interesting you can make it yourself and you may even be able to make it better.

As a software engineer and electronics aficionado I carry around a lot of gear and it can quickly become a mess.  Taming the wires and sundry bits is part and parcel of the profession.  Reddit user MinimumEffort saw some nifty solutions and created his own with a bit of ingenuity and household items.  Check out the plans of Lifehacker which links back to the original thread.

Doing it yourself  is a symbol of self sufficiency.  Projects do not need to be difficult, they just need to improve your life in small ways.   Site like the above Lifehacker and Instructables have a metric ton of ideas that should inspire you.

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