Tempted to wait up until 3am to watch the premiere this evening but I think I’ll need to make it through the workday tomorrow before the binge begins.  

Jessica Jones will be decidedly adult and word are that it is going for a neo-noir vibe. Watch the opening credits below.  To me it feels like an homage to a PBS detective show that I would watch after school. (Yes, as a child and teenager I intentionally watched a lot of public television) The opening then moves into guitars and drums suggesting that someone is going to get beat up. Chances are it won’t be Jessica.


On November 20th comic book and superhero fans will be getting the next iteration of the Marvel series that started with Daredevil.  I was aware of Jessica Jones through casual research and my obsession with Squirrel Girl, but that is as far as my knowledge went. For you, true believers, I just finished binging on the first two major story arcs that were featured in the Alias and Pulse titles.  

Hopefully we are on the same page regarding who comics are for.  That question that was mostly settled a few decades ago. The idea that comics are for kids is a rather silly one. Comics are made for every demographic and have been for quite some time now.  Regardless of the subject matter, “underwear on the outside” superheroes or comics based in reality you can find comic books that that cover every conceivable genre and maturity level.  To be clear Jessica Jones was initially designed for adults, dealing with all the themes you would expect. I don’t know if Netflix and Marvel will get as heavy with the adult themes presented in Alias, but I suspect they will.  It potentially will be darker and more complex than Daredevil and significantly more intimate as it deals directly with abuse and Jessica as an individual rather than the ideological focus of Daredevil.

After reading hundreds of pages focused on Jones the highest compliment that I can pay to the character is that she is human.  In some ways I see a commonality between the goals of Moore’s Watchmen and Bendis‘ Jessica Jones. At their heart, superhero comics are pure fulfillment fantasy but if we pull that concept directly into our world being a superhero would have serious consequences personally, professionally and with your place in society.  Watchmen seems to represent a nihilistic view of those consequences while Jessica’s is humanistic. In Watchmen I was often horrified by the actions of many of the characters in the Jones titles I often was cheering and rooting for them, despite their behavior.  Both set of commentary are enormously useful as pieces of fiction and for examining yourself, both have worth, but I am pleased that I have the positive to go along with the negative.  

The last time I really binged on a comic series was the Walking Dead. After several issues I literally threw the book I was reading across the room. The Walking Dead is excellently written and of high quality but I personally could not stand investing in a character and having them be ripped away from me or having them experience a devastating loss over and over again.  This is my fault in a lot of ways.  The comic was meant to be experienced over a period of time and I compressed a years worth of suffering into several hours. Jessica Jones on the other hand made me feel triumphant about the human spirit, despite the horrible circumstances and personal flaws of the character.  

The Netflix Daredevil series proved that Marvel could bring characters to screens that are more people than spandex.  With source material as strong as Jessica Jones Marvel can set the standard even higher and give us quality depictions of characters that we only dreamed about when we initially became comic fans. 

For reference I am linking the currently published Jessica Jones trailers.  Wisely Marvel/Netflix is slowly introducing the character and helping you become familiar with her. I think a lot of die hard comic fans will have trouble describing her, so in my opinion this is a wise strategy.

Shooting doesn’t start until next week, but we are getting some promos early.  I expect they want to head off any leaks and give the AC crowd enough content to be satisfied throughout the production.

Looks a little complex to me, but lots of visual interest and enough of the source material to be satisfying. video game adaptions are hard so let’s hope they pull this off.  Storytelling > video game references.

Source: First Look at Michael Fassbender in the Assassin’s Creed Movie! –


Some may be suggesting we will approach peak Star Wars in the next couple of years, but not me. If we can maintain consistent quality, increase the richness and scope of the lore then there will be forgiveness for episodes 1-3. I’m hoping for a good movie that happens to be in the Star Wars universe.

Be kind, I’m experimenting with video for the first time.  Check out the photo in the clip below.


When Westworld rolled onto UHF television movie channels sometime in the late seventies it completely captured my attention. Yul Brynner’s deadpan performance, the surprise exist of a main character and the prisoner who was not what she seemed. It may seem quaint compared to the special effects of today, but something about it resonated with my young mind.  It wasn’t really about the direct plot, but the implications for humanity. 

Seems like HBO is very willing to revisit that uncomfortable line sometime in 2016. Check out the trailer here.


Takumi continues to be awesome, delving into Mad Max: Fury Road with his take on a young Immortan Joe. This just makes me yearn for the Blu Ray to come out.  He better not lean forward though or else he will get skewered on that pointy belt buckle.



At least one of the Giant Japanese Robot staff members are obsessed with Ziggurat and I may join them shortly when I get a few seconds to breathe. The game is a bit difficult to describe if you haven’t played Heretic or Hexen from way back in the mid nineties. 

Imagine Doom, except with a fantasy setting.  Now add randomly generated levels and monsters with occasionally randomly generated attributes.  Now add a Roguelike element which means that when you die you will need to start all over again.  Now add a generous degree of difficulty coupled with an almost uncomfortable rate of speed.  On paper it sounds kind of terrible, in practice it rocks pretty hard.  Check out the video below to see if the game is for you and the Source link to see how you can play it.

Source: Ziggurat – Milkstone Studios

Mirrors Edge Catalyst

The earlier Mirror’s Edge was one of the most exciting, original games of its generation.  This game certainly looks like Mirror’s Edge and the running seems on par, so I am excited.  I’m hoping it captures the unique feel of the first game. Overall the trailer looks stunning, but the intercut cinematics and what feels like unfinished voice work are a bit distracting.  

Despite those minor flaws, I’m hoping this new entry turns the game into an ongoing franchise. Hopefully the world is ready for this in a way they weren’t in 2008.

Experience the moment where Faith begins her rise from a carefree runner to the hero the city needs.

Source: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay Trailer – Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst – Official Site


What 80’s G.I. Joe did well or at least what I loved the most was taking truly gonzo characters and impractical abilities and then carving out a story with a straight face.  Look at this guy above.  Clearly over-specialized, he was only called out when security demanded the use of a crocodile.  In my mind I imagine him as a TSA employee with his own office and he is called out every once in a while when someone tries to smuggle a baby croc in a bag. Most of the time he just sits in his cubicle trying to play Candy Crush through his full-face leather mask and breathing tube.


Croc Master is a former alligator wrestler and burglar alarm salesman who founded Guard-Gators Inc. in an effort to commercialize the use of alligators for home security. He now keeps Cobra Island secure with a large bask or ultra-aggressive crocodiles that cruise the maze of shallow canals that weave through the island. His system suffers a setback when Blowtorch uses heat-blasting weapons to cut a dry channel directly through the island, bypassing all the ravenous crocs.

Source: G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Python Patrol Croc Master Photo Shoot –


What will the Spider-Man costume look like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? No one really knows who is not connected to the production. The Mary Sue is reporting on the rumor that the Latino Review (which gets a lot of things right) is suggesting that the custume will look very much like a high-schooler pieced it together which fits very much in the canonical story, but has never really seemed that way in the movies.

I am very much in support of this.  Not official, but the source of the rumor pointed to DeviantArt user SpikeSDM’s concept above.  

Source: If This Really Is What the New Movie Spider-Man Costume Looks Like, It’s Awesome | The Mary Sue


Just getting back from vacation now, so I am still oiling my robot parts to talk about the geeky and/or obscure.  Ghostbusters isn’t obscure but it does inspire geek feelings even in the most starched, polo shirted of us and plenty of news and images have been rolling in.

This deserves a full blog post because we have all the women together at once in the new jumpsuits. It isn’t an official promo image so no posing or action shots, still I am thrilled with every bit of news I am seeing out of the production so far.  It feels like Ghostbusters with the bonus that it has been filming in Everett, MA. Take that New York, it’s our turn!

Ghostbusters is directed by Paul Feig, stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon and should be released next summer.


I won’t go into much detail because you just need to watch it. The first trailer was not impressive, this one turned me into a bumbling nostalgic idiot. Enjoy.

After Guardians of the Galaxy came out and surprised everyone by being wildly successful Saturday Night Live did a sketch about how Marvel could sell anything, including a movie starring spinning office chairs. The aging comedy show was correct. At this point Marvel could do anything and do it well.

On paper Ant-Man is one of those ridiculous Silver Age concepts that shouldn’t work in live action. It should barely work in the comics because it seems like a gimmick, how many stories and opportunities can a hero take advantage of while being the size of an ant?

The full trailer is out now and indeed it works. They made Ant-Man awesome with just the right amount of humor as a nod to the insanity of the idea.


I don’t have a lot of doubts about Jurassic World, but I may be starting to feel some now.

Chris Pratt is a very likable actor.  Every interview and at every appearance he comes off as charming, interesting and generous.  The writers must have worked really hard then to have him appear as a sexist schlub in the below clip.  I think the intent was to portray the character of Claire Dearing as an oppressive, uptight foil to Chris’ fun-loving party guy who knows how to get things done when it is on the line.  Instead Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard is the reasonable one and she should be an inch away from filing a sexual harassment suit against the Chris’ Owen Grady character.

I won’t judge the whole movie based on the clip and they do have water based dinosaurs, so I have to see it.  I am just hoping Pratt goes through some pretty massive character development in the first few minutes of the movie.  If not, I think I would rather see him devoured by his velociraptor gang.

Jurassic World releases on June 12th, 2015

A couple of tidbits in the new spot. We hear of Indominus Rex’s cannibalistic tendencies and chaos in the park, with one unfortunate park guest being flown off to be eaten by what I assume are pterodactyl hatchlings. I think I’ll choose Disney instead. Disney doesn’t have a “No guests eaten in X days” sign.


 Time to drool over a new Bond film.  People have strong feelings about Craig, but as far as I am concerned this is the Bond of the books and closest to Fleming’s original vision.  I’ve embedded the video below, but if you have any trouble seeing it, you can view it here on Facebook.

SPECTRE teaser trailerHere’s the SPECTRE teaser trailer.

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