Live action role playing has always been derided in the US, even in geek-centric communities. The idea of dressing up as a character, going out into the wilderness and hitting each other with swords has been considered too childish and goofy. I do find it funny that if you grow up as a geek, you almost always come up with the idea independently of LARP culture and try and get friends together to participate in a LARPish game.  Something along the way introduces shame and we become concerned what other think about our behavior.  

Full disclosure, I have been one of the people who considers LARPers to be lesser geeks. In the past couple of years we have been running role playing games for kids and teens and I have seen the sheer joy and camaraderie of kids playing together in a group without having to worry about what their non-geek peers think. The joy is infectious and the events attract all kinds of people including those who would not normally participate in group activities and those would would never publicly admit to waving a foam sword around with other kids.  Once again, kids are awesome and I was wrong.

When searching for ideas for these role-playing events we have come across several adult events that are amazing.  You can jump on Youtube to see things like The Bells of Newtown or The College of Wizardry to see of the sophisticated storytelling and play that people are putting together.

What really caught my eye yesterday was a Swedish group that took New England’s own H.P. Lovecraft’s work and wrote a story revolving around this mythos set in the 1920s.  We were looking at introducing Lovecraft elements into our stories already but to see the professionalism and commitment of this group is inspiring.  Check out the video below and let us know what you think.


This post is absolutely breaking my heart.

Last year we wrote about the astonishing PT trailer that appeared on the PS4.  It was revealed that it was a playable teaser for Silent Hills which was a collaboration between fabled game developer/producer Hideo Kojima, my favorite modern horror director Guillermo del Toro and starring fan favorite Norman Reedus.

In the past few weeks Kojima has been fired or has left Konami, publisher of the Silent Hill series. Over the weekend del Toro and Reedus have seemingly left the project and all we are left with is a teaser, and probably a while bunch of concept art and preliminary code lying on the floor of Konami.  

Konami says they will continue the Silent Hill series, but honestly I don’t want them to.  The last few games have shown that Konami doesn’t understand what makes the franchise great.  Silent Hill 2 was one of the greatest gaming experiences I have ever had and they needed this new talent to make it survive.  PT gave me hope that it could happen and now without the creative team behind PT I think it may be time to shutter Silent Hill in a small room in the basement.

If large gaming publishers have done anything well with venerated gaming franchises it has been to squeeze them of any value and make them tepid, sad sixty dollar paperweights.  Getting rid of this new team guarantees that the next Silent Hill will be terrible and I love this franchise too much to see another boring game that I will feel loyalty to sit through and yell at the screen.

Konami, do us a favor, bury the franchise in a shallow grave. With hope it will rise from the dead someday, but right now it just smells bad.



By now all of us have seen The Dress. The froth that the internet has created over this piece of apparel has been unprecedented.  Some are exhausted by the of it, and some are still caught up in the mystery.

I ask you to consider if the furor over this chromatically confusing costume belies a more sinister agenda?

What we know so far

To some, the dress appears to be white and gold, to others blue and black.  Some, while returning to confirm their assumptions have been dumbstruck to find that the colors have changed since they have last gazed upon it.

Many have even suggested that the deep concentration over the nature of the dress is inducing madness. While reviewing this matter I can confirm that those who post about it are in fact, deeply disturbed.

What it means

Students of weird literature and fans of True Detective will immediately recognize this kerfuffle for what it truly is, a dark and dangerous calling card for a malevolent entity bent on the destruction of mankind.

The book The King in Yellow is an anthology of several tales revolving around a play that drives those who read it insane.  In this dress, we see similar signs, the passion over the subject, the otherworldly changing nature of its appearance and the cries of confusion and gnashing of teeth of those who participate in trying to divine the truth of the matter.

To those that perceive gold, it is clear that they understand that the King in Yellow comes and that this is the physical reality of our world.  White and gold represent purity and value.  The purity lures us by invoking a false innocence and gold strikes at the greed in our souls.  Gold at its heart is yellow and even without the multitude of signs it is clear that this was sent to us that we may understand and despair.

Those that see blue and black have already been driven mad, for they see the other side.  The blue of decay and the black of the forthcoming death.  I wish I had words of comfort for those poor individuals, but it is too late, you have been drawn in by the King and soon shall experience his embrace.

What shall we do

It may already be too late, but the only remedy that can be prescribed would be to stop speaking of the dress.  If we suppress the desire to add images of the book of faces and cease the whippoorwill like twittering then just maybe we can seal the gate and save ourselves.  Collectively we may still have some power.  In the meantime, read a book, hug your children and put on a brave face for the oncoming storm.