Diane Horner’s masterpiece of social commentary has been kicking around the internet since 2010, but I consider it part of my job to expose the wondrous things that may be known to the internet elite, but not to your average citizen.  

I present to you Diane Horner’s Country Hip Hop. When it was produced it may have raised one or two eyebrows but now through the filter of time it has become a transcendent work of surrealism. 

If Diane ever personally reads this I want her to know that this isn’t mockery but celebration.  Anyone is embarrassed by the older content we produce but unlike old photos and Super 8s this is now part of the collective consciousness of the internet and will be forever. Diane, I publicly respect your charisma and confidence.


If you love plastic and you love Japan than CollectionDX should be a regular stop for you.  Because they continually post amazing things you will probably be seeing a lot of posts from me about them.  It warms my heart to know that a lot of these folks are from Massachusetts too, which in my mind is the second home for giant robot aficionados outside of Japan.

The Gen Xers above will recognize the above beauty as Star Dragon from Starvengers which appeared on the Force Five programming block. This is actually the second iteration of the Getter Robo team, but we didn’t know that as pre-internet children.  I only discovered the original as an adult. Nostalgia probably factors in to this being my favorite Getter Robo series.

Getter Dragon checked all the ‘cool’ boxes for me as a kid, spikes, axes, rocket fists, etc. To be honest it still does and it is taking me a lot of self control not to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of plastic. If you want to do so though click on the link below to find out where you can actually purchase this fine figure and see a thorough review.

Source: Getter Dragon | CollectionDX

I try and be a kind person, but I am thankful these are no more.  Thank Darwin they exited the food chain long ago else a trip to get milk at the Circle K would be a lot more interesting.

Source: Four-legged snake fossil stuns scientists—and ignites controversy | Science/AAAS | News

I’ve shared this before, and I will probably share it again. In honor of Hasbro creating a new M.A.S.K. toy line I thought you should revel in the glory of the 1985 intro.  Feel the hair metal wash over you.

Ignore the kid on the scooter robot, no one liked him.


We have been getting word that Hasbro has been working on reintroducing the Micronaut and ROM: Spaceknight toylines which is pretty darn exciting for plastic obsessed Gen Xers like myself, but now we hear that M.A.S.K. might be happening as well.

Hisstank reports that during the Q2 financial call Hasbro officially noted that they are pursuing these lines.  It’s 1985 all over again.

Source: Hasbro Reveals That They Are Working On M. A. S. K. –