Coffee Bot: Take 2


Another episode in the thrilling adventures of automatic hot beverage creation.  This is a bit of an improvement over the original set up which you can see here.

I added cable ties to the switch bracket to make it a bit more stable, stuck the hose in the channel via some industrial velcro, put the solenoid valve and relay in a box with some rubber grommets and sealed the relay in a plastic bag.  The whole setup is now more stable and looks a bit better.

I am still not totally happy.  Next steps are to increase the length of the feed line going to the coffee maker and length of the wires going to the switch so I can tuck the whole unit behind the coffee maker.  I think I am almost finished though.  The switch is a little touchy and turns on and off rapidly due to the solenoid’s vibrations, but I think I can live with that at least for now.