A Company of Wolves vs. Hemlock Grove

Wallpaper by DeviantArt user insect-doll http://insect-doll.deviantart.com/


Hemlock Grove really hasn’t interested me, even a little.  The people in it are fantastic, but it just felt like the show wasn’t geared towards me.  American Horror Story felt like it was made for horror fans, while Hemlock seems to set its sights on the people who don’t like horror movies but sort of like horror themed shows.

While browsing werewolf transformation sequences on Youtube I came across one from Hemlock Grove and thought I would give it a chance.  While it wasn’t the worst one I have seen it was just ok, too heavily dependent on CGI and highly derivative of the above image from A Company of Wolves.


  1. Yon Morrison 7 years ago

    “: A Company of Wolves vs. Hemlock Grove – http://t.co/QfLRKvI3Lp http://t.co/8NTuPkmRfy”

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