Consoles VS PC Gaming: The End

powergloveThere is a lot of energy wasted in the console vs PC battle.  It reminds me of the vicious platform battle in the early eighties. (Commodore vs. PC vs. Atari vs. Apple)  Arguments that are eventually rendered invalid because they are focused on a specific technology rather than the actual underlying issues.

As we close out this current console generation we see that the console experience is becoming more multi-use and more PC like and the PC experience (Thanks to Valve’s Steam Machine and its ilk) are becoming more console like.  I expect that we will eventually be talking about where and how you game rather than focusing on a specific platform (Mobile vs. Living Room vs. Home Office) and the cinematic vs. intimate experience.  These are not so much competitors as they are whims of the moment.  I feel like a personal experience right now therefore I will choose to game with such and such hardware in this location.  Living room experiences could be more performance for a group rather than the single player experiences they are now.

Instead of clear winner in the console/pc wars, the noise will probably eventually be a whimper and forgotten by the next two generations of hardware.