Discotek Acquires the Rights to Gaiking (1976)


In what is beyond good news for old school anime fans Discotek has announced that they will be producing a new unabridged version of the 1976 giant robot classic Gaiking for the first time in North America.  Gaiking had been previously available in a horribly cut up version when I originally watched it as part of the Force Five programming block and later as a set of abridged DVDs from Shout Factory.

This new version that arrives next year with Japanese audio and English subtitles is a gift for long suffering anime fans like myself.  It will contain all of the character development (and probably filler) that a four decade old baseball themed robot anime can provide. 

Come celebrate with me by soaking in the original Japanese intro and let the glee of colorful giant mecha and monsters wash over you.

Source: Discotek Adds 1976 Gaiking, Wicked City Anime – News – Anime News Network