Dixit: Sparking Your Imagination, Plus Bunnies


I don’t know how eager you are to try new things.  Board games, especially non traditional ones illicit a bit of fear from people if the gameplay isn’t immediately familiar or apparent.  I urge you to overcome your fears and try Dixit.  It is a breeze to learn and the joy you will receive will quickly erase any memory of dread you had on your first approach.

BONUS: The game pieces are bunnies.  Who doesn’t like bunnies?


Each player gets six cards.  Each player then takes a turn being the storyteller.  Without revealing his/her card the storyteller speaks a word or phrase, sings a song or does an interpretive dance that is representative of their card.  The other players then pick a card from their hand that could also be represented by the storyteller’s imaginative performance and places it on the table face down. The cards are obscured by shuffling and then each player picks what they think is the storyteller’s card.  If no one picks the correct card, the storyteller receives no points.  If everyone picks the correct card then the storyteller receives no points.  High scores are received when you deceive some of the people, but not all of them.  Players then advance on the board towards the goal based on points received.

There are a few additional rules, but now you have the gist.  Picking the correct card is complicated by the eighty-four included cards that are reproductions of original hand painted artwork.  The cards are beautiful, odd and ambiguous enough to represent whatever connection your brain makes.


Five minute rules, completely appropriate for kids and adults, a fun easy game that you will want to play over and over.

If you are still not completely clear on the rules the following video should help.  Tabletop is one of my favorite web series, they cover board games and feature some pretty geeky guest.  One warning, some of the language is not suitable for kids or work.  If that was a problem then we should probably discuss why you are watching board game videos at work. 😉