DMC: Devil May Cry – Quick Impressions



Games like Devil May Cry are hugely appealing to me.  Generally ranging from easy to moderate difficulty (with some weird difficulty spikes generally from poor game design) they are almost like video gaming solitaire.  Something to take up some time and enjoy with some light RPG mechanics for power ups and new weapons.

When the reboot of DMC that you see above was first announced it was met with some pretty strong opposition.  Western fans of Japanese games can be a rabid bunch, fail them and you will get a strongly worded letter.  The letters that came were loud and constant because they had messed with the beloved Dante.  “I mean look at him!  Everything is wrong, he isn’t like we are used to and those Western developers, they always mess everything up.”

Being a bit of a contrarian and lover of chaos I was excited about the reboot, especially since Ninja Theory was taking control.  If ever I wanted to buy a round of beers for a studio it would be these fine folks, who consistently care about the work they do and produce unusual characters and scripts.

I finally got around to finishing the game in around seventeen hours.  While I probably need to let this opinion stew for a bit, I think I am going to call this my favorite game in the genre that I have ever played (This group includes the other Devil May Crys, God of War, Darksiders, etc.)  I cared about the characters, though the cut scenes were generally interesting and some of the boss designs are the most inventive I have seen in a while.  The story wasn’t exactly wildly original but it was satisfying like the video game equivalent of a good summer action film.

Minor negative criticism would include some needed extra polish in places, that this would have been absolutely amazing on next gen systems (Xbox One, PS4), a couple of uneven places where they forced sexuality and that I probably won’t get to see a sequel in this universe because Capcom has essentially thrown Ninja Theory under the bus.  A crying shame….ahem.

So, adult video gamers, buy it, play it…and tell the Ninja Theory crew that they did a bang up job.