E3: Nintendo


Despite all the negative chatter about the XBox One and lack of chatter concerning Nintendo (deliberate on their part) there is some good news.  As Serious Players we are mostly concerned about games.  Here are three from Nintendo that I am excited about.

Mario Kart 8

None of the Nintendo announcements are particularly surprising and Nintendo is playing it a little bit safe, but few gaming experiences match a really good Mario Kart session with friends.  The game looks gorgeous and the additions seem well integrated rather than being put in the game for the sake being of this years model.


Pikmin 3

Another franchise entry, but one that people have been waiting for.  I missed the original Pikmin, but am looking forward to picking it up in this generation.  Nintendo understands adorable.


Bayonetta 2

This one is the oddball.  I loved the original Bayonetta and it makes sense that this one is a Wii U exclusive.  The game is not for everyone but may find a home with the Nintendo audience.  Essentially Devil May Cry style gameplay with some outlandish visuals and battle locations.  Worth playing through just for the crazypants art direction.