Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon


As Ben Fold’s Five has so eloquently stated “There will be times you’ll like the cover and that’s precisely why you’ll love the book”.  Just gander at the above image.  Doesn’t it just scream VICTORY.  It gently holds your hand and whispers in your ear that playing this game will be a worthwhile endeavor.

WARNING: The following trailers will have some NSFW language and imagery.  You have been warned.

Far Cry 3 was a good game.  After a spectacular opening the game suffered a bit due to weak character development and repetition, but as a semi-serious open world action game it mostly succeeded.  Personally I think the new Tomb Raider executed the same concept with a bit more finesse while sacrificing a bit of the openness of Far Cry and I was attached to the Lara charcter to a much greater degree, but FC3 is a great value.

The only real attachment Blood Dragon has to Far Cry is the engine and mechanics.  Story, textures and lighting have all been revamped for this original concept which takes place in the far off cyber future of 2007.  You play as  Mark IV Cyber Commando, Sergeant Rex ‘Power’ Colt modeled after eighties/nineties action superstar Michael Biehn (Terminator, Aliens, Navy SEALs).

You do not need Far Cry 3 to play.  The game is stand alone and looks like it will be about $20 depending on the platform you purchase it on.  The game looks great, but I’ve been burned enough to know that I can’t make a real decision until I play.  Regardless, these folks should be rewarded for making these gorgeous trailers.  Watch and make your own decision below.

Official Trailer

Live Action Trailer: (PS if they make this movie I will be there on opening night)