First Look at Ultron from Avengers 2


We have had massive speculation about what Ultron will look like in the new Avengers film due out next summer.  For the record Ultron is not my favorite villain, he is almost like a Power Rangers baddie where once you defeat him he can gain new magical powers and up the ante every time the story requires it.

The more fragile Ultron is the more interesting he will be in the new film.  For those that don’t know Ultron at least in this incarnation is an Iron Man suit gone rogue, the beginnings of this can be seen in some unfilmed story boards from Iron Man III where Jarvis, the Iron Man suit AI, starts to go a little batty.

It looks like they toned down some of Ultron’s more cartoony features and in my mind it makes him infinitely more menacing.    I’ll be there opening weekend, hopefully you will too.