Free Comic Book Day 2015



Hey, you busy on May 2nd?  Actually, forget that, cancel all your plans.  Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow.  I realize that you may not dig comics, though I can’t see why, but someone you know probably does. Honestly though, even if you are in your fifties or double that age you can get into comic books.  I can guarantee there is something that will interest you.  There are allegories of World War II using cats and mice, comics centered in reality, serious illustrated works and good ole fashioned heroes with their underwear on the outside.


FCBD will be a blast, many participating comic book stores will have costumed heroes on location and other events.  Plus you will get free comic books, no strings attached.  You know what you need to do.


If you want details, go hereif you want to find a participating location go here. I’m taking my family to go see the great people at the Time Capsule in Seekonk, MA but there is certainly somewhere near you.


Get free stuff, support local business and see people smile. Pretty much a win for everyone.