Friday the 13th – Quick Observation



Try and ask the average person about the plot details about Friday the 13th and very few will remember them.  Not because it is a bad movie, but because the media hype surrounding everything that came after it completely overshadowed it.

Introducing myself was incredibly irritating in the early eighties being named Jason.  It took about 5-7 years before people stopped making Friday the 13th references as soon as they met me.  I wasn’t even allowed to see the film until my twenties.

Apparently no one else was allowed to either, as seemingly no one knows anything about it.  It is competently if not originally shot and the movie starts off as almost charming, I think by design.  After the success of the original there was almost a Friday the 13th movie every year from 1980 – 1989 quite an astounding feat.  I am not grateful for this as most of them are terrible but I respect a media machine that can pump out movies like that at an alarming rate.

The original though was a decent and surprising film, definitely worth revisiting, especially in October.  A month which contains no Friday the 13ths this year.



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