G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Croc Master


What 80’s G.I. Joe did well or at least what I loved the most was taking truly gonzo characters and impractical abilities and then carving out a story with a straight face.  Look at this guy above.  Clearly over-specialized, he was only called out when security demanded the use of a crocodile.  In my mind I imagine him as a TSA employee with his own office and he is called out every once in a while when someone tries to smuggle a baby croc in a bag. Most of the time he just sits in his cubicle trying to play Candy Crush through his full-face leather mask and breathing tube.

From hisstank.com:

Croc Master is a former alligator wrestler and burglar alarm salesman who founded Guard-Gators Inc. in an effort to commercialize the use of alligators for home security. He now keeps Cobra Island secure with a large bask or ultra-aggressive crocodiles that cruise the maze of shallow canals that weave through the island. His system suffers a setback when Blowtorch uses heat-blasting weapons to cut a dry channel directly through the island, bypassing all the ravenous crocs.

Source: G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Python Patrol Croc Master Photo Shoot – HissTank.com