Geek Memories: Phantom Smells and Disney Stickerbooks


This is a weird one, but writing is therapeutic and y’all are nice people so I appreciate you bearing with me.

In stereotypical nerd fashion I have a lot of allergies, horrific seasonal allergies, respiratory issues and I can’t eat a lot of fruit until it is cooked.  I know no one cares about that, but it explains me losing a lot of my sense of smell by adulthood.

As a consequence of my broken honker I tend to get quite a few phantom smells.  Sometimes the smells are not really there and sometimes I am smelling one thing, but it is actually something else.

I was just working on the couch and the most powerful smell surrounded me.  It smelled exactly like the little bit of taffy that was included in the packs of the Disney stickerbooks from the late seventies.  I used to gather up my change or beg my parents to buy me these, first for the taffy and then for the four measly stickers that were included.

I kid you not, this taffy was up there with some of the greatest foods ever created.  For reference it was better than the white fun dip sticks, which I know is hard to believe, but you have to trust me on this.  Unfortunately this cannot be proven by science, for if I was to find some of this thirty plus year old taffy I assume it would taste terrible, but I guess I would be willing to try, y’know for science.

Not sure what the smell actually was or even if it was there at all, but it caused me to hunt down and archive the above image, which proves to me that those memories weren’t a hallucination.  Which is comforting.