Geek News Roundup 2014-12-30


Some good news, some weird news and some expected news as we close out 2014.

Haley Atwell Talks about Agent Carter
C’mon people, we just want to watch the show?  Also, why does Carter look like Carmen Sandiego?

The Escapist Reviews Sword Art Online II
Agreee with the characterization of assault on women, but overall enjoyed the whole season and the experimentation with storytelling.

Young Han Solo?
Not sure I am ready for a young Han Solo with a giant forehead.

2014 the Emergence of Fully Formed Female Characters in Games
A lot to celebrate here. It will be a great day when this is an expectation instead of a surprise.  I also have been holding this position on the characterization of Bayoneta for a while, but it is elegantly expressed in the piece.

Attack on Titan Theme Park Attraction

Ew, just ew… and gross.