Geek News Roundup: Avengers 2, Bad Costumes, Explosions, Loss and the Return of X-Files.


New Avengers 2 Trailer
New Avengers footage, with more clues and possible connections to the Black Panther mythos and upcoming movie. Video below.

Firestorm’s costume created on a visit to Hobby Lobby
Eh, his costume could use a little work and maybe a little less hot glue.

Space X Explosion
One small step for giant explosions and self-directed landings on unmanned barges.

RIP Origa
We lost a unique talent on Saturday to lung cancer.  The Russian born singer who was famous in the US and Japan for Ghost and the Shell and other anime tracks died too young.  See one of her most popular tracks below.

Fox Bringing Back X-Files?
With Anderson and Duchovny?!?  It’s possible and it seems like Fox wants it.