Geeking About: King Richard’s Faire


You can tell autumn is around the corner by the signs, tree colors start to change, Dunkin’ starts serving gourd flavored beverages, the smell of illegally burned leaves fills the air and you will spot oddly dressed enthusiasts descending upon Carver, MA by the thousands.

Off and on for about the last twenty years I head on over to King Richard’s Faire as the first event of the fall.  For the uninitiated King Richard’s Faire is the longest running renaissance faire in New England full of Middle Ages hijinks and lighthearted fun.

This year the Faire has been running weekends from August 30th to October 19th 2014, they will also be open on Columbus Day, Oct 13th.  Gates open at 10:30am and close at 6:00pm which makes for a pretty full day for a family.  You can find everything about the Faire HERE including ticket prices and how to find them.

Why do I go to the Faire?  Since I was a child I have been attracted to the fantasy aspects of these type of events and worshiped movies and books with this theme.  Way back in 1996 this fascination resulted in my Medieval wedding including my lovely bride entering the park on a giant black horse.  It was only natural that I would be hanging out with large crowds of folks with similar interests.

There are a lot of things here that are difficult to experience anywhere else.  Every year there are a different set of artisans, jewelry makers, leatherworkers, wood workers, artists who make chainmail armor and apparel.  Generally these folks are excited to talk about what they do and it is a wonderful opportunity to have your kids see people actually making things with their hands.  Bonus: There are blacksmiths, with an operational forge on the site.  Swords, knives and axes being made right on the fairgrounds, I don’t know about you guys but fire and pointy things are usually a winning combination with my kids. (and me too)

Then there are the performers.   You can go to any other theme park and get a pre-recorded or heavily scripted experience that never changes or you can check out King Richard’s and people who live to perform, working hard on their acts and giving their all to get applause or laughter out of their audience.  There are big cats, music, magic shows, juggling, acrobatics, sword fighting, singing, fire breathing and gentlemen covered in mud.  Are you not entertained?

There are some special events coming up which are always fun, you can check them out HERE.

Full disclosure: The Faire invited me to come this year and check them out, but I was already headed over this past weekend with my family.  This is a family owned business with real live human beings and hard working people, I am always happy to talk about the fun, the odd and the offbeat.  King Richard’s Faire always fits that bill.  Please check these fine folks out.

I leave you with my favorite act from the last few years, Jacques Ze Whipper, whip wrangler extraordinaire.