Gina Torres is Wonder Woman


Talk about casting Wonder Woman in a modern adaptation has been going on for years.  I’ve heard all the rumors and I’ve never been happy with any of the selections.  Lynda Carter was great in the television run, but times have changed and our taste for the squeaky clean golden and silver age heroes has diminished.  Our heroes don’t need to be nineties style swearing, spitty and gritty but they do need to be human, even if the characters they are playing are essentially immortal.

I don’t know how I missed it but I came across an article referencing the current discussion and fan campaign for Gina Torres playing the part.  All I can say is YES.  This is the person who was born to play her.  She has the emotional weight to carry the character and the seriousness to work beyond a silly uniform. If anyone in charge of this process is listening, do something daring, that probably shouldn’t be daring if the world was just.  This is just right.


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