Guardians of the Galaxy is Almost Here


I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about Marvel comics characters, although if I put some thought into it I haven’t voraciously read comics since high school.  I first encountered Star Lord in Marvel’s animated adaption of Planet Hulk where he makes a little cameo.


Just like the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy I was all “Star Lord, who?”.  Star Lord had me a little confused.  Marvel already had a space team of adventurers that I had known since I was ten or so, they were the Starjammers.


The Starjammers have pretty much the same elements of the Guardians, with maybe a bit more Errol Flynn thrown in.  They have a heavy, a witty irreverent leader, a femme fatale and a member who is borderline insane due to his desire for revenge.  Just like the Guardians the lineup has changed a lot over the years, but the parallels are clear, it seems like a duplication of efforts.  I can see that Guardians may be a bit more ‘new reader’ friendly which is not a bad thing, plus they have a talking raccoon.

I don’t really have any complaints about the Guardians.  Gunn is a terrific director (Slither is one of my very favorite horror movies), the cast is fantastic and the writing seems snappy and fun.  It also promises more Marvel cameos than any other Cinematic Universe film before it.  I am praying for a little ROM the Spaceknight or Micronaut cameos, but that may be stretching the bounds of what Marvel is capable of.

We won’t see Guardians until next Friday, but here is the newest clip to get you ready.