Guardians of the Galaxy Secrets: Adam Warlock


SPOILERS: Seriously, if you haven’t seen Guardians yet do not read until you have.

Guardians was very fast and entertaining. So fast that I didn’t have time to consume a lot of the little nods and easter eggs that were left for Marvel fans scattered throughout the movie.  I’m just now slowly going through threads and gathering info about all the background minutiae.

The screenshot you are seeing above is from Thor: The Dark World.  In the post credits scene we get our first intro to the Guardians universe and the space Liberace lair of The Collector, an obscure and ancient character in the Marvel universe.   Notable in this scene is the gooey cocoon above.  If the internet is correct, and by gosh everything on the internet is always correct, the above cocoon contains the regenerating form of Adam Warlock.

I’ve known about Adam Warlock since the seventies and always appreciate when Marvel gives due to some of the older Silver Age characters.  I have no idea how far this is going to go or if Marvel is going to pursue this at all, but supposedly during Guardians of the Galaxy you can see the broken, open cocoon.  I am unsure if this is during the post credits scene or during the movie.  I’m looking for more photo evidence now.

Adam is significant because he possesses one of the Infinity gems that Thanos is looking for, specifically the Soul Gem.   For those unfamiliar with the infinity gem saga this is what I expect the plot of Avengers 3 will be about, with the Infinity gems being at least part of the plot for every Marvel movie going forward.  If anyone can confirm this, give me a shout or feel free to discuss it on our Facebook page.

Bonus: The Marvel Cinematic Universe lore is getting so dense it is difficult to predict where they are going to go.  Here is a nice little pic of Adam Warlock from the animated Planet Hulk feature.


The Guardians make a couple of cameos in this feature as well.  Significantly one of the main alien races in Guardians of the Galaxy were the Sakaarans, from the planet Sakaar, which is the setting for Planet Hulk.