Introducing the Flappy Box


Check out the Flappy Box above.  If you took many of my interests and combined them into a small package it would be difficult to crate something better than Fawn Qiu has put together.

We have science, math, engineering, art, electronics and the physical skill needed to play a mean Flappy Birdesque game in single stop.  The geeky among us should be pleased.

I’m not sure if Fawn expected her project to explode like it did, but if you go over to her youtube video you will see that in a short time she has garnered almost 2.5 million views.

You may be thinking to yourself “This is a fine item that I may wish to possess” and I would not blame you, not one bit.  Flappy Box is not commercially available, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own one.  Soon the circuit designs will be available for the project as open source, which means you can download them for free and with the right hardware you will be able to make your own.  If you want a little less DIY and also help this project Fawn is running a Kickstarter aimed at using these boxes as engineering teaching tools.

Flappy Box Kickstarter

Proceeds from this very modest Kickstarter will go to holding free engineering workshops for underserved high school female students in NYC.  It ends on April 3rd, so if you are interested I encourage you to participate quickly.

On a serious note I think the potential in the kits is pretty powerful.  Learning how to build the kit and how it works is great on its own, but you can also customize the kits and change them into an infinite number of game variations.  Once the basic skills are learned they extend into other areas of your life.  This is what toys should do, be fun, inspire and lead to greater things.