Jem is Truly Outrageous, Again


In retrospect the eighties were kind of terrible, completely rad at moments but overall kind of lousy.  I guess everyone who lives through a decade probably feels the same way.  People can look back at decades they didn’t live through and synthesize it down into iconic looks and moments and the eighties had lots of those moments.

As kids we had some wonderful entertainment during that decade. Media companies know who has the money now and are playing to our nostalgia.  I honestly have no problem with this, reliving the best moments now without all the awkwardness of trying to fit in parachute pants and Members Only jackets.

If he above is true then a Jem reboot was bound to happen. What  you see above is IDW Publishing’s updated take on Jem and the Holograms.  The cover was released early this month and yesterday we got a glimpse at Jem’s antagonists The Misfits.


Atypically the original Jem was the #1 syndicated cartoon between 1986 and 1987 and while no pre-teen boy would publicly admit it, it was watched pretty widely by all kinds of kids.

Reboots generally can be a mixed bag, especially when something has a cult following as large as Jem does.  I think I can safely say they gave this to the right people.  In a recent io9 piece, writer Kelly Thompson and artist Ross Campbell both expressed a love for the original material and a willingness to modernize and experiment.  There seems to be this sweet spot with reboots where you can only recapture the magic if you respect the fans, but are not slaves to them or to the original material and they seemed to have figured out exactly where that is.

The first issue comes out in March, you can read the official announcement here.  I’m linking the original intro below to jog those nostalgic memories.