Jurassic World: First Extended Clip


I don’t have a lot of doubts about Jurassic World, but I may be starting to feel some now.

Chris Pratt is a very likable actor.  Every interview and at every appearance he comes off as charming, interesting and generous.  The writers must have worked really hard then to have him appear as a sexist schlub in the below clip.  I think the intent was to portray the character of Claire Dearing as an oppressive, uptight foil to Chris’ fun-loving party guy who knows how to get things done when it is on the line.  Instead Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard is the reasonable one and she should be an inch away from filing a sexual harassment suit against the Chris’ Owen Grady character.

I won’t judge the whole movie based on the clip and they do have water based dinosaurs, so I have to see it.  I am just hoping Pratt goes through some pretty massive character development in the first few minutes of the movie.  If not, I think I would rather see him devoured by his velociraptor gang.

Jurassic World releases on June 12th, 2015