King Richard’s Faire: Fantasy Family Fun


Like the constant of the celestial bodies and seasons King Richard’s Faire once again opened at the beginning of September and will run through October 25th this year.  If you are a local and have not heard of King Richard’s Faire I urge you to run to their website, learn about their events and to come experience the family entertainment that the Faire provides.  

We started going to the Faire about 20 years ago. My children came to the Faire as toddlers and still come now that they are in their teens. I will return to the Faire as long as it is running and I encourage you to do so as well.  Where else in Massachusetts can you see live performances, knights and jousts, blacksmiths, big cats, clothing and jewelry artisans and an abundance of food and drink in the same location.  King Richard’s Faire is a unique New England experience.


There is something special that happens at events like this. Once you walk through the castle façade you are in a crowd where the pressure and stress of everyday life are left at the door. Weather you come in dressed in civilian clothes or costume you get to lose yourself a little and be who you want without fear of feeling out of place.  King Richard’s is a place of play and when everyone is playing the rest of the world seems to fade away, at least for a little while. I am no stranger to running around in the woods, swinging swords and shouting taunts at an imagined enemy.  The world may be a better place if we all felt free to do so.  

The Faire will be running events every weekend and you can check the schedule HERE.  One Oct 24th there will be an adult costume contest filled with cosplay and open to all attendees and on the 25th will be the final drum jam at the front gates.  Don’t wait though, there will be things happening every weekend till the end of the month, so come when you can.


This year both and will be running ticket giveaways for the event.  Check out the contest HERE to enter!

DISCLAIMER: Giant Japanese Robot received tickets to visit King Richard’s Faire and for the giveaways.  They really are very nice people.