Launch Day: Bioshock Infinite


In case you are not already aware True Believers, Bioshock Infinite arrives today to eager gamers everywhere.  Bioshock Inifinite is the third game in the outrageously and unusually intelligent franchise.  The original was released in 2008 and was a thinly veiled criticism of the philosophy of Ayn Rand, not something you hear every day about a video game.  It set a high bar about how to do narratives and choice in video games.  Reviews for Infinite have been outstanding and I am chomping at the bit to play this afternoon.  Themes of love, overzealous nationalism and racism are woven into this installment.  I’ll get some impressions up on Facebook once we get some game play time.

Sometimes the criticism feels a little close to reality.

Bioshock Infinite Launch Trailer

If you get to play let us know and continue the conversation on Facebook.  Also, don’t forget about the table top gaming event this weekend.  Please come join us to relax, play games and have fun!