Making My Own Coffee Robot

Just like masses I really like my Keurig coffee maker.  There are better ways to make coffee, but the Keurig is pretty darn convenient.  Either out of laziness or an extreme intolerance for repetition I hate filling the unit up with water and it generally is a daily activity.

Seeking a solution I came across this Instructable.  Basically by putting together a flotation switch, a relay, a solenoid valve, a power transformer and some tubing I now have an automatic water feed for the coffee maker.  When the water goes below a certain level the switch turns on the valve and the water fills until the flotation switch goes back to it’s original position shutting off the valve.

WARNING: If you decide to do a project like this and follow the above Instructable you will be working with water and electricity and should be aware of proper safety procedures.  I am not responsible if you electrocute yourself or drown.

I made a couple of changes to the above instructions.


I swapped out the plastic flotation switch for a stainless steel one.  I figured if this thing was going to be immersed in water for long periods of time it might as well be pretty strong.  This particular model has a duel switch mechanism, so if I wanted to put some kind of overfill alarm on it I could.


I added a right angle bracket and plastic hook so that I could easily hang it on the side of the coffee maker.    Both of those items can be easily found at your local hardware store.

The other items mentioned in the Instructable were all found on Amazon.  I found that ordering the plumbing supplies on Amazon were cheaper and of better quality than your local big box hardware store.  Your results may vary.

Overall I am pretty happy.  I never have to fill my coffee maker with water again and the switch makes satisfying clicks when the water turns on.   I’ll put the everything in a project box shortly so wires aren’t hanging everywhere and tuck the whole apparatus neatly out of sight.    If you are thinking about making a similar project feel free to ask me any questions or pop on over to our Facebook page and discuss.

UPDATE: You can see the second iteration here.

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