Mall Santa Meet the Mall Krampus

Krampus Toy

I know I am a couple of weeks early but sometimes the spirit of the season just takes over. Last year we introduced our friend the Krampus, one of the weirdest holiday traditions that I know of.  Since we last left our furry monstrosity he seems to have been gainfully employed and taken to Twitter, which is good because kidnapping poorly behaved children can’t be lucrative.

As you can see, Krampus is now working as a Mall Krampus, it doesn’t appear that he has changed any of his style though. He is still generally cantankerous and loathsome.

I guess that is all we can expect from him, and I suspect it is better that we know where he is rather than have him randomly patrolling our communities looking for mischief. He doesn’t really have the strongest social skills either, so he just speaks his mind without a lot of concern for others. I don’t know about you, but I plan on following his feed to see how this whole thing develops.