Need More Monsters?


Pacific Rim was an itch of mine that needed scratchin’.  I grew up with giant monster movies and I have never gotten tired of them.  With so many zombie movies clogging Netflix it is nice to get a little change of pace.

While Pacific Rim didn’t quite pull the numbers domestically that people wanted it to it blew up overseas making more than two-thirds of its revenue in the rest of the world.  That gives me high hopes we will see a sequel in the next few years.  see Box office numbers 

As you can see above the US is getting another shot at Godzilla next year.  Could be wonderful, could be terrible, we will just have to wait for the next summer movie block to find out.  In the meantime I thought I would give you a few of my giant monster favorites to chew on.

Negadon: The Monster from Mars


This computer animated short is from 2005 pays homage to 50s and 60s Godzilla films and does so wonderfully.  Even with the failings of computer animation these folks did a great job of capturing the era, making pieces look like miniatures and even mimicking the acting of the period.  The best part about this 25 minute short is that it is played straight with no sense of irony, something I think we need more of.



Cloverfield is pretty darn polarizing.  Motion sickness inducing handheld camcorder style of shooting, limited monster shots, rapid editing and a downbeat ending it left many wondering what the heck just happened.  For me it was exactly what I expected and wanted.  There is something to be said for walking out of a movie and feeling like you were the one running from the monster and even on repeated viewings I still get this sensation.

The Host


Probably my favorite Korean film and in my top five Kaiju (Japanese term for giant monsters) movies The Host gives us a classically styled monster flick with modern sensibilities.  A good monster movie ends up being about the characters rather than the monster itself and it is easy to get to love the Host’s lovable band of misfits.  Abandoning the rubber man in a suit for computer graphics the creature in the Host is nimble likes to hide bringing back a horror element to these movies that we lost at the end of the Godzilla era.

Enjoy these morsels and then come back to us and talk about it on Facebook.