The New Batman, Ben “No We Are Not Kidding” Affleck


Last night the internet collectively lost it’s mind.  The press release heard round the world.  Ben Affleck, beloved director and slightly goofy action hero would be playing Batman in the Man of Steel sequel.  Not just any Batman, but a version of arguably the most important literary take on the character, the fifty-five year old Batman from ‘The Dark Knight Returns‘.

I like most of the world thought it was a joke for the first few hours but I decided to sit on the information before thinking too deeply about it.  If you really want to know my opinion then click HERE.

This version of Batman probably won’t be the greatest and probably will not be the worst.  With luck and Zack Snyder pushing him it may turn out to be ok.  I’ll reserve my final judgement until  I watch the film sometime in 2015.   Ben seems pretty likable, he is not some monster or man that hates geek culture so much that he is set out to destroy it.  He is just some dude from Boston that accepted a job, albeit one that comes with significant baggage.

I think outside looking in it is difficult to process the waves of rage going on in the geek community.  It probably seems strange that adults are so invested in this character.  Take it easy on them folks, this is a difficult time for a lot of people.  It will pass shortly and the rage will turn to an occasional murmur.  I’ll save why it is not odd or insane that people are so attached for a later post I just wanted to comfort the confused that this is a temporary thing.

What’s funny about this is how divisive Man of Steel was.  The the ending drove a lot of people mad.  With this news about the sequel everything seems to have been forgotten and feelings about the original film have been wiped clean.

In front of us is a black box, an unknown and possibilities.  I suspect that Ben was hired due to studio interference  and if Zack Snyder wants to pull this one out with any credibility he is going to have to do something really unexpected and as far away from the safe studio ways as possible.  I have no idea what shape it will take, but I bet my spandex pants it will interesting to watch the people flail about until the premiere.