New Godzilla Trailer

It is getting more difficult to be wary of this new Godzilla film.  Anything could happen, this could be terrible, but the more I see the more I lose any sense of critical thinking when it comes to this movie.  There is a giant monster, he fights other giant monsters it is probably our fault that they exist and they will probably destroy us all.

Godzilla passes my goosebump test.  It seems like the director is taking the source material seriously.  We hear references to the events of the 1954 film, which apparently this is a sequel of.  If you look carefully you will see a glimpse of what may be Rodan and if I dare to hope later on we see an leg of what may be Kamacuras.

This should be something that fans of summer movies and Kaiju geeks should get on board with.  This is what happens when fans of Creature Double Feature grow up and direct movies.