Next Xbox Reveal – May 21st


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The hardware with the codename of Durango, XBox 720 or any name you wish will finally be revealed tomorrow.  There has been a tremendous amount of rumors with very little substance.  The next XBox will not allow used games, will have a Blu Ray player, will have Kinect integrated into the console, etc etc.  No rumor as far as I know has been substantiated.

As I have mentioned before, dedicated gaming consoles are in a state of crisis.  Mobile devices have been eating into their market share for the last few years and gaming consoles cannot iterate fast enough to meet the demands of feature hungry consumers.

I will strongly defend that the Wii U, the Nintendo 3DS, the Playstation 4 and the Playstation Vita are excellent pieces of hardware with unmet potential.  The last six months have made it very clear that the market can’t support this many platforms, so regardless of how great a particular platform is if game studios will not produce games for a system it will fail.

The pricing model for mobile games is too low ($1.00-2.00) and the model for console game is too high. ($60, slowly becoming $70 at launch) Console manufacturers have been unable or unwilling to compete with the former model or comprehensively integrate mobile devices into their consoles.  I am not willing to say outright that this is the final console generation, but I will say that I believe the next generation will look more like mobile than mobile will look like consoles.

The dominant feature in this console generation will be integration into home entertainment.  This has already happened organically as many of you already use the XBox and PS3 primarily for Netflix streaming on your main television.  The company that successfully allows you to cut the cable cord will be the winner and frankly Microsoft seems like they are the early favorite.

Jump on your XBox or their site tomorrow at 10am PDT to see the live steam and find out exactly what the next few years will hold.   If you are feeling chatty jump on over to our facebook site to continue the conversation and let us know your opinion.

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