Orson Welles Omnibus


What does Orson Welles have to do with geek culture?  Not a whole lot overall, but the man was interested in everything and as a consequence he became interesting.  He was always a presence growing up even though by that time he was in his golden years.  I’ve compiled some of my favorite moments of his gregariousness.


Gonzo documentary narrated by Welles based on the work of Alvin Toffler.  For the record I don’t believe in the concept of FutureShock, but adore fear mongering depictions of the future from the recent past.

Cold Reading & Charlatans

One of the best explanations of sham psychics I have ever seen.  I don’t respect those that trick the public, but I have a weird fascination with the tricks of the trade as an art.  Apparently our friend Orson did too.

Three Sheets in Wine Country

Not his finest moment, but one of his most amusing.  Orson was given a wide sampling of product before he delivered his lines.  The best part of this is the extras who are too terrified to suggest that the great actor take a nap.

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow

I think I was ten when I saw this in 1981.  It was on heavy rotation on cable (the didn’t have a lot of programming back then)  and it terrified me for years as I expected the world to horribly end by the turn of the millennium (update: it didn’t) After all here was a man with obvious authority telling me it was so.  What I didn’t know was that Orson didn’t agree with any of these fabrications and was collecting a paycheck.  He later disavowed it on the talk show circuit.