Pacific Rim: Geeks Unite!


Confession: I will not go to see Pacific Rim until this evening, so I can’t tell you if it will be terrible or genius.  My expectation is that I will love it and gush about it for a week or two before my brain calms down enough to think about it critically.

This is what I can be sure of:

The movie is directed by Guillermo del Toro, who in my opinion is the greatest living fantasy director.  His American movies have generally been hit or miss affairs and I assume he dumbs them down for the US audience or is trying hard to appease the pressure producers are putting on him.  His Spanish language films however are nothing short of astounding e.g. Chronos, The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth, etc.  The man is an heir to H.P. Lovecraft’s vision and he wields the torch with great respect.  Even in his most terrible films e.g. Blade II there is some element of story or art direction that will be above and beyond your generic popcorn fare.

The Director
The Director

The movie has giant robots.  Has there ever been a good non-animated giant robot film in the US? Please don’t mention Michael Benjamin Bay.   The man’s career is dead to me.  Robot Jox is the only other movie that comes to mind and we probably shouldn’t discuss that.  If Guillermo can pull this off he will have done something that every geek has dreamed about.

Don't even bother.  In fact, forget you ever saw this poster.
Don’t even bother. In fact, forget you ever saw this poster.

The movie has giant monsters.  Plus, it calls them Kaiju, the Japanese word for Godzilla style “man in a rubber suit” monsters.  Bonus points.


The fire spitting, flying turtle monster Gamera
The fire spitting, flying turtle monster Gamera

All these things add up to a movie that will guarantee that I will pull money out of my wallet.

Here is the problem:

Despite all the potential awesome of this movie and the money given to Del Toro to make it, Hollywood doesn’t seem particularly concerned about promoting it.  I am seeing a rush of advertising this week, but theaters around us have very few showings.  I can understand a bit of a wait and see approach with movies that don’t have an existing license but give the man a break, he is trying something new and given the right marketing this thing could make a lot of money.

Here is my humble request.  If you like giant robots, monsters, power suits and explosions then please rush out and go see this movie tonight.  Take your favorite girl or guy, your kids or random people you just met at Starbucks.  I hear that giant robots are very romantic, it would make a perfect date movie.  If you want to see more movies like this, and not remakes or sequels then you have to support the types of movies you do want to see with cash money.  Here is an opportunity and I urge the geek community to take it.