PAX East 2013 Board Games


One of the best parts of PAX (The Penny Arcade Expo) is seeing independent game makers show their wares.  Pictured above are some of the figures of the crowdfunded Krosmaster Arena by  This is one of the most attractive games we saw at the Expo and I am excited to see it in production.  Arena is a player vs player battle game where you build a team and compete against a second player.  Serious Play will probably be joining their already successful Kickstarter to get a hold of it as soon as possible.



Krosmaster Arena Kickstarter Trailer

There were hundreds of other board games on display and I will get a chance  to review a few of the more interesting ones in the next few posts.  In the mean time here is a web slideshow of the pictures we took of the board game area which was massive, overwhelming and completely awesome.

PAX East 2013 Board game Slideshow

Reminder that International Tabletop Day is this Sunday March 30th 2013 at the Somerset Public Library.  Hang out with us there or continue the conversation on Facebook.