Playstation 4: Launch Day



Good morning friends.  ‘Tis a glorious crisp New England morning.  Cold and clear, perfect for being able to see the horizon as the zombie hordes are chasing you.   If you happen to be in a safe house with delivery and internet access today may be the day that you are getting a Playstation 4.

We ordered our console in June and it just shipped last night for delivery today. It felt MUCH longer and I don’t think I have ever hit the refresh button on a web page quite as much as I did trying to figure out the shipping status of my unit.

Our PS Vita is charged and ready for screen sharing and our USB stick is prepared to manually install the firmware update.  I all need to do now is finish work for the day and wait for the delivery person to arrive.

If there are any other Sony fans out there you can add Serious Play / Giant Japanese Robot to PSN via our account name SundryMuffin.  I look forward to seeing you online.